Art, Jewelry & Valuable: Your Valuable Possessions

People who own valuable possessions need broader coverage than a basic homeowner policy provides. While homeowner insurance pays for loss or damage from certain causes, such as fire, theft and other named perils. Valuable items blanket endorsement expands coverage to protect your valuable from loss caused by any peril(subject only to a few common exclusion). The maximum coverage for any one article is usually $10,000.

If you own valuable, rare or irreplaceable items, such as high-value music instrument, collectible or antiques, you may prefer the comprehensive protection offered by the personal article policy. This coverage allows you to recover more of what you lost, based upon an item’s appraised value and description, up to any amount. The Personal Article Policy will reimburse an agreed value amount, as shown in the schedule for Jewelryand Fine Arts, and actual cash value for all other items.

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