Mission Statement

J. Lion Insurance Group is dedicated to the financial well-being of individuals, families, and businesses by protecting their assets using meaningful risk transfer methods such as property, liability, life and health insurance, and providing prompt and personalized customer service, leading to a stronger, thriving community for the benefit of all.

How are we different?

  • We don’t simply sell insurance
  • We strongly believe client education
  • We analyze your risk – This is in your best interest
  • Our primary goal is to protect your assets & provide “Peace of Mind”
  • We give individualized recommendations
  • If your coverage is what you need, we’ll let you know
  • We have products and services available – but you don’t have to use us
  • We point out gaps or weaknesses in your present insurance
  • You may use us or someone else to fill them

Why do we do this?

  • We know that you don’t necessarily need us.
  • We know that if we make you feel comfortable with our knowledge, expertise, and service, you will most likely become our client for life as many others have.
  • Most people will allow us to provide a solution for them if we are able to point out that their current agent allowed gaps or weaknesses in their insurance program.
  • Almost all of our new business is from referrals from our satisfied clients.
  • You deserve to have your insurance coverage fulfills your needs. A State Farm or New York Life agent will try hard to make you fit his policy because it is all he has.

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